Regional policy

The Regional Development committee (REGI) in the European Parliament deals with one third of the EU budget: the EU’s Cohesion Policy. It regulates the Common Provisions of the European Structural and Investment Funds, the European Regional Development Fund and Cross-Border Cooperation. In addition, the REGI committee also deals with the Just Transition Fund which is part of the Green Deal.

Cohesion policy, through the European Structural and Investment Funds, finances the main policy objectives of the EU. This includes fighting climate change, protecting the environment, funding innovation and research, supporting small and medium-sized companies and the private sector, funding infrastructure projects, education and employment measures and social inclusion.

My priorities in the REGI committee are twofold:

  • Simplifying the access and implementation of European Structural and Investment Funds for beneficiaries.
  • Create flexible instruments to fill in the EU investment gap for both the public and private sectors.

My articles

99 September 2020

Lyon-Turin, a major partnership for Europe and for French-Italian cross-border cooperation

Press release
Paris & Bruxelles, 8th September 2020 

The election of Grégory Doucet to the Lyon City Council has raised a number of concerns following his declarations against the completion of the Lyon-Turin rail line, which was initiated in 2012.

Indeed, last July, the new Mayor of Lyon, who has no prerogative on the subject, wanted the project to be stopped. Perhaps it would be necessary to +++

2828 July 2020

LGBT rights in Poland: no recovery fund without respect of fundamental freedoms

Question to the Commission for written answer

Brussels, 28th July 2020

Compliance of self-proclaimed “LGBT-free zones” in Poland with the principle of non-discrimination and the Rule of Law in view of Next Generation EU

Since 2019, over 100 Polish regional or local authorities have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones” or adopted Regional Charters of Family Values. These have pledged not to take any action to encourage tolerance towards LGBTI people nor provide +++


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