ANSA – BRUSSELS, 18 June 2020

Statement by Sandro Gozi on the ruling of the EU Court of Justice on Hungary’s restrictions on NGOs

“The ruling of the European Court of Justice, which declared Hungary’s restrictions on NGOs illegal and incompatible with EU law, is a severe blow to Viktor Orbán’s illiberal regime and an important first step towards the restoration of fundamental rights, civil liberties and the rule of law in the country, which the Hungarian President has too often violated”.

“We now have a duty to ensure that the judgment is effectively implemented: we in Europe cannot tolerate such abuses by any Member State. Such behaviour is incompatible with the common values and principles on which the EU is founded”.

“Today is an important day, the latest in a series of defeats suffered in recent times by nationalists, sovereigntists and all those who want to destroy the European democratic dream.