Question to the Commission for written answer

Brussels, 28th July 2020

Compliance of self-proclaimed “LGBT-free zones” in Poland with the principle of non-discrimination and the Rule of Law in view of Next Generation EU

Since 2019, over 100 Polish regional or local authorities have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones” or adopted Regional Charters of Family Values. These have pledged not to take any action to encourage tolerance towards LGBTI people nor provide financial assistance to NGOs promoting equality.

Such resolutions are contrary to the spirit of the EU treaties and to the objectives of EU programmes. They represent a threat to the Rule of Law and LGBTI persons’ fundamental freedoms as they legitimise discrimination and may ultimately fuel further hatred against them.

On 21st July, the European Council approved the Next Generation EU recovery plan. Paragraph 22 of its conclusions stresses the need to protect the Rule of Law and the Union’s financial interests in accordance with the general principles of the Union Treaties, in particular the values of Article 2 TEU. Paragraph 23 provides that “a regime of conditionality to protect the budget and Next Generation EU will be introduced. In this context, the Commission will propose measures in case of breaches for adoption by the Council by qualified majority”.

What actions does the Commission intend to take to identify subnational policies putting the Rule of Law and LGBTI persons’ rights in jeopardy?

How does the Commission intend to prevent regional and local authorities from using EU funds to finance illiberal and anti-LGBTI policies?


  • Sandro GOZI (Renew)
  • Moritz KÖRNER (Renew)
  • Chrysoula ZACHAROPOULOU (Renew)
  • Olivier CHASTEL (Renew)
  • Irène TOLLERET (Renew)
  • Karen MELCHIOR (Renew)
  • Pierre KARLESKIND (Renew)
  • Irena JOVEVA (Renew)
  • Klemen GROŠELJ (Renew)
  • Sophia IN ‘T VELD (Renew)
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