Statement in Plenary
14th September 2020

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

“The cure for unpredictability lies in the ability to make and keep promises,” Hannah Arendt rightly said.

In July, you – the Commission and the Council – made a promise: to finance the Recovery Plan with new resources by making polluters and giants from the digital and financial sectors pay.

Now let’s do what we said we would do!

You want to make Europe fair and popular? Then keep this promise.

The alternative is to increase national contributions, ask more from taxpayers or cut the European budget even more.

If you want to make the union more unpopular, this would be the right way to go…

No: this is not an alternative. The effectiveness and credibility of the Plan depends on it. Before the end of the year, a binding calendar needs to be adopted for the adoption of these new resources.

And finally, let us respect the treaties: own resources are anchored in them. The current ones are outdated, so it is high time to introduce new ones.

Thank you.